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The most diverse program in New York for women of all ages and backgrounds

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Machon Chana Institution has been a powerful learning experience for me over this summer 2017 in NYC. Well-structured, intense curriculum with great Rabbis, Rebbetzens, Madrichot and females from all around the world, exciting field trips and weekends away with Jewish families of different communities add great value to one's life perspective. Exploratory journey into my family roots I undertook was thoughtfully guided  by Rebbetzen Labkowsky and Rabbi Green, whose personal input largely contributed to major linage discoveries of my grand Shneersons' family heritage.
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I am honored to be called a Machon Chana alumni. It brought me life-changing skills. I got to meet special teachers and women from all parts of the world. I would definitely recommend other women going through a spiritual search to join the program.
Studying in Machon Chana makes you one of the Rebbe's daughter, and keeping this in mind, you can accomplish anything.
תודה רבה על ההזדמנות הזאת ללמוד דברים שהיו חסרים לי במהלך זמן שגרתי ברוסיה! תודה רבה על האיכפתיות שלכם ועל הכל  שאתם  עשיתם בישבילי
Machon Chana helped me to strengthen my connection to Hashem. I'm grateful for the opportunity I had here to learn with amazing Rabbis and other women.
It was a great experience that I may implement in my future Jewish life!
I was eager to learn how to daven properly, and thanks to Machon Chana now I can do it myself!
I had a very special time in Machon Chana and the experience I had was enriching and valuable. I got to know warm people with open hearts, with different personalities and it helped foster an awesome atmosphere. Thank for the opportunity to try something new and the ability to form a different perspective of life.
I'm really grateful for such a wonderful opportunity to have taken part in this summer Yeshivacation program. It was definitely a lifetime experience! If you are ready to change, if you want to dive into Judaism, learn more about Jewish history, study Torah, Chassidus, Tanya, understand your impact as a Jewish woman, and build your Jewish home - this program is designed for you!!! So use your chance to get the answers you have been looking for!!!
Machon Chana is a warm loving place that allowed me to develop my deep belief in yiddishkite and it guided me to gently uncover my hidden talents and discover who I am down to my core. This place is so incredible. Mrs. Labkowski is so down to earth and real. The staff are professional, the Rabbis know their material, and the women here are the best of the best. We were all in this together and the bonds that were formed and the friendships created I feel are lifelong. This has been an incredible and life-changing experience.
elisheva nash
Machon Chana provided me with a wonderful opportunity to expand one's knowledge of Judaism and Chassidus while connecting with others in a warm, understanding environment.
What I enjoy most about Machon Chana is that every single girl is unique. No matter what background one comes from, there is always something new we can learn on a daily basis. Everyone has such a ma'alah, its really incredible here.
Machon chana is a place where you can ask any question. It is a place where women from all Jewish backgrounds can come together, grow spiritually, and connect to Torah in an authentic way. At this school every every teacher is approachable and every question is valued. This school is unique in thats the Torah learning is infused with chassidus so students are able absorb all they learn in a deep and lasting way.
Machon Chana is an invaluable resource for all Jewish women interested in exploring their Judaism and achieving personal spiritual growth. It is a place where judaism comes alive in a meaningful and powerful way thus enabling women to connect with Hashem-as well as actively embrace their crucial role in the building of a solid Jewish home.
Machon Chana has been one of the most enlightening experiences in my life.  Torah, halachah, history and spirituality are blended in a way that makes complete sense for practical applications.  My internal spark burns brighter than ever and my relationship with Hashem has grown immensely.  My journey will continue long after leaving.  I can’t wait to come back again!

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``Anyone who suspects me of being prejudiced towards Machon Chana is right!``
- Rebbe. A sicha in honor of a Machon Chana dinner.

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