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Machon Chana offers classes for women of all ages and backgrounds. Get started with your program!




Machon Chana is a warm loving place that allowed me to develop my deep belief in yiddishkite and it guided me to gently uncover my hidden talents and discover who I am down to my core. This place is so incredible. Mrs. Labkowski is so down to earth and real. The staff are professional, the Rabbis know their material, and the women here are the best of the best. We were all in this together and the bonds that were formed and the friendships created I feel are lifelong. This has been an incredible and life-changing experience.

Chava Dashevsky, Court Reporter, Vancouver, CA

Machon Chana provided me with a wonderful opportunity to expand one’s knowledge of Judaism and Chassidus while connecting with others in a warm, understanding environment.

Elisheva Nash, Teacher, Dallas, TX

What I enjoy most about Machon Chana is that every single girl is unique. No matter what background one comes from, there is always something new we can learn on a daily basis. Everyone has such a ma’alah, its really incredible here.

Devori Niazov, Shlucha, Vienna Austria

Machon chana is a place where you can ask any question. It is a place where women from all Jewish backgrounds can come together, grow spiritually, and connect to Torah in an authentic way. At this school every every teacher is approachable and every question is valued. This school is unique in thats the Torah learning is infused with chassidus so students are able absorb all they learn in a deep and lasting way.

Lila Nadelman, Artist, Manhattan, NY




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