Located in the heart of retro Brooklyn, Crown Heights is a center for Chassidic Judaism. Being but a brief train ride away from the bustling business and shopping districts of Manhattan, it has sometimes been called a “small town in a big city.” This neighborhood is known for its Chassidic warmth and a sense of community, a feeling you’ll get to experience as a local.

Crown Heights offers an opportunity for students they may not gain elsewhere. With wonderful local teachers and mentors, a vibrant and welcoming   atmosphere, and right in the center of Chabad Chassidus, it’s sure to be an incredible experience.

For 30 years, Yeshivacation has been involved in the education of Jewish women. Spiritual seekers from all backgrounds have joined together to immerse themselves in a Torah learning program, the largest of its kind outside of Israel.

Various accommodation options are available. Participants generally stay in our  dormitory or designate apartments. Weekday breakfast and lunches are served at the school,  and Shabbat meals are held together with local families, or communally. This design provides students with a varied social experience, along with an insider’s view to a traditional Chassidic home and family.

December 20-30, 2018.

10-day program: $770 (scholarships available).

Scholarships and financial aid is available and deferment plans are offered. Applicants must request a financial aid form if they are interested in this option. Please email to to request a financial aid form.

Generally, study topics range anywhere from theory and ideology to specifics of Jewish observance. Studies in femininity, cosmic existence, prayer, and many other topics are explored in their entirety. Personal skill-based learning for Hebrew reading and Torah Text. In-depth Chassidus, Biblical Studies, Introduction to Talmud, Workshops on different aspects of Judaism, such as: Why be Jewish? Females in Judaism? Love, relationships, life-challenges and more!

A different topic is explored each weekday at Yeshivacation, and it’s something to interest the modern, intellectual woman. The theme of the day is delved into using various academic mediums: the lens of Jewish law, classical Jewish thought, Jewish history and Chassidic philosophy. Additionally there are classes that run through the schedule of each day.

Where the mornings are dedicated to Torah study, evening are filled with lectures and “farbrengens,” as visiting speakers address current and pressing world issues through the lens of Jewish philosophy. In addition, we provide tours of basic Jewish organizations and enable opportunities for the women to experience Jewish customs in a hands-on manner.

Shabbat at Yeshivacation serves as a time for deep reflection, meditation, joyous singing and “farbrenging.” Participants are given the opportunity to experience the warmth of a Jewish home and family, partake in a delectable Shabbat meal, and participate in stimulating discussions. Shabbat at Yeshivacation is sure to leave its mark!

Yeshivacation boasts many leading scholars and guest lecturers. With innate wisdom, practical knowledge, and Chassidic warmth, they serve to elevate the program and ensure a quality educational experience. More info coming soon… see our constantly updating website for more.

YES! We’re a quick half-hour subway ride away from central Manhattan.