Shidduchim Application

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In the event of a successful shiduch iy”H, the shadchan needs to be paid for his or her time and effort. This payment will be $2000 ($1000 from each side), and it is to be paid either at the engagement or within a few weeks thereafter.

In addition, an up-front fee of $200 is due to process this request, and will cover the initial 4 hours of time spent by Machon Chana’s shiduchim counselors. This fee will go towards initial interview, research, and shiduch coordination.

If time spent by shiduchim counselors exceeds 4 hours, an additional retainer fee might be assessed at that time.

Machon Chana reserves that right to refuse this application, and return processing fee.

In the event of financial hardship and single would like to apply for a scholarship, please contact Mrs. Sara Labkowski, the dean of Machon Chana.