Scholarships & Work-Study Program

Upon completion of your application process, including submission of all forms and your interview, you will receive an email from the tuition committee. We are committed to working out tuition arrangements for our accepted students. No accepted student has ever been turned away for financial reasons. We have a firm policy of making supportive offers for need-based financial aid students such as deferred payments or pay as you wish plans.

We at Machon Chana understand that many students financial situation may impede their goal of spending time in Yeshiva and therefore are proud to offer the following scholarships:

[section title=”Financial Aid”]

[three_fourths]Considering the importance of giving every woman, regardless of her financial situation, the opportunity to study time in a Yeshiva, Machon Chana offers work study and deferment plans in addition to scholarships to help defray tuition and dorm costs.

Those applying for financial aid are required to fill out the Financial Aid section of the application form, as well as the Work Study application section. [/three_fourths][one_fourth_last]

Financial Aid Application

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[section title=”Work Study Program”]

[three_fourths]Machon Chana offers students the opportunity to use their unique talents and skills, as partners in accomplishing the schools mission, while at the same time, earning financial credits towards their tuition. Jobs are available after school, in the evenings and on weekends.[/three_fourths][one_fourth_last]

Work Study Application

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