Foreign Students

Machon Chana welcomes applications from foreign citizens who have a diploma from an accredited secondary school and meet university entrance requirements in their native countries. Foreign students whose native language is not English will be required to present credentials attesting to their proficiency in English. Students who are not proficient in the English language will be required to attend an ESL program which is offered by the school prior to each semester.

Machon Chana will assist foreign students who have been accepted to learn full-time in Machon Chana for at least one year in obtaining a student visa (I-20).

Foreign Student Application Process and Fees

Applicants must contact us to begin the application process at least 2 months prior to arrival at Machon Chana. These can be emailed, faxed, or mailed to the school.

Our email address is
Our fax number is (718) 735-9175. Please include – Attention to Registrar.
Our mailing address is Machon Chana Women’s Institute
Attention to Registrar
556 Crown Street Brooklyn, NY 11213

After acceptance to Machon Chana, one must submit the following in writing or email (preferred) at

  • one’s full name EXACTLY as it appears on her passport
  • date of birth
  • country of birth
  • country of citizenship
  • home address in her country
  • a mailing address to where the I-20 should be sent
  • date of arrival

There is a Student Visa application fee of $100, as well as a $50 Student Visa Processing Fee that is payable when we begin processing the student visa. When the I-20 is approved and ready to be mailed, it will be mailed by regular mail to the address provided by the applicant. Applicant MUST notify office of expected arrival date. Should overnight or special mail services be requested or required, the applicant needs to provide payment in advance by credit card.