Program & Certification

Advisement & Selection of Courses

Students develop individualized programs reflecting advanced placement and transfer credits, where appropriate, in consultation with faculty advisors. The Yeshiva Program has three levels of study: Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced. Placement will be determined by testing of previous knowledge in Judaic Studies. All courses at Machon are instructed in English; texts of study are in Hebrew.

[box title=”” border_width=”3″ border_color=”#631a35″ border_style=”solid” align=”left”]Beginners: No previous knowledge required.
Intermediate: Basic knowledge of Hebrew and Judaic studies required.
Advanced: Background in Hebrew, Tanach, Chassidus, and Halacha are required.[/box]

Leave of Absence/Continuing Matriculation

Occasionally, circumstances obligate students who are working toward a certificate to take a leave of absence from their studies. Before leaving, students are required to discuss with the administration their reason for leaving if they intend on continuing their studies and receiving a certificate in the future. Any student who does not register for new course work and who does not complete the “Leave of Absence/Continuing Matriculation” form will be presumed to have lost interest in pursuing her degree. Students who wish to return to Machon Chana after a period of such inactivity will be required to re-apply. In any case, students will be allowed to remain “on leave” only for a maximum of six consecutive semesters (excluding summers). Students seeking reactivation after more than six semesters have elapsed will be required to reapply.


Courses at Machon Chana may be taken for credit or audited for personal growth. The Certificate of Advanced Jewish Studies is awarded to those who have completed all the requirements of the two-year full-time course. and is recognized by Hebrew day schools in the United States and throughout the world.

By completing an additional two months of study in Israel, students holding a Machon Chana Teaching Certificate may earn an official teaching degree certified by the Israeli Board of Education.