Our Programs

Here we are — sophisticated, accomplished, educated women of the New Millennium. What’s missing? For many of us it’s the knowledge of what it means to be a Jewish woman. For years, there was never any question. We defined for ourselves what that meant. But there comes a point in our lives when our definitions no longer satisfy and we want to know more about our rich heritage – indulge our spiritual selves – and come to an intellectual understanding of a tradition that has been around for over 3,000 years.

That’s when Machon Chana fits into our hectic schedules.
From ‘learning Chumash to studying Chassidus’, ‘exploring the Jewish soul’ to ‘understanding the Jewish role delving into Midrash to discover Mikvah’.

For over 45 years, Machon Chana Women’s Institute has offered Jewish women the opportunity to see the complete Jewish picture. Every year, our classes introduce hundreds of women to the Torah and enable them to apply its timeless teachings to everyday life. If you are searching for a deeper understanding of your Jewish self, we may have just what you’re looking for.

Machon Chana Seminary

Machon Chana’s intense two-year full-time Yeshiva offers women ages 18 and over a comprehensive Jewish education through lectures, skill building classes and tutorials. Courses include: Chumash, Jewish Law, Chassidic Philosophy, Prophets, and Jewish Home. Machon Chana offers part-time learning throughout the year for those who are unable to attend full-time yeshiva. Short-term and part-time daily classes are available for women of all ages and levels of learning and commitment within the framework of our regular Yeshiva Program.

Evening Classes  

Whether seeking continuing education, or to join a seminary for the first time, our night program attracts women of all ages and from around the city. Classes range from Hebrew & Yiddish Ulpans, to Kabbalah & Chassidic discourses to  practical Halachic & marriage readiness as well as offering a one on one study partner . There is someone for everyone.

Sunday Program

Sunday Classes  were created for the working woman, student, young mother or other busy women who love learning, but cannot afford full time study as well as a supplement for regular Yeshiva students. Great way to begin the week with a spiritual boost and receive  inspiration to carry on throughout the week. The Sunday program attracts women of different ages and levels from community leaders to newly observant, from middle aged to young adults. Students with diverse languages and cultural backgrounds meet and enjoy a delicious lunch together.

Dual Degree

Would love to go to Seminary, but need a degree whether to satisfy parents or to pursue ones choice career. Machon Chana partnered with theyiep.com and is offering three choices for those looking to transfer their yeshiva credits to help with an accelerated secular degree thereby giving a young woman the opportunity to spend post high school years in an atmosphere of kedusha, living and learning in Machon Chana Seminary, growing in the knowledge of Torah and Chassidus and simultaneously working to receive a BA or MA.

Online Degree

Learning is a continuous life process.  Whether you’ve graduated seminary lately or many years ago, or never had a chance to study in a yeshiva, our online adult education enrichment program is for anyone seeking academic advancement, spiritual growth, inspiration or just learning Torah lishma. Wonderful choice of classes with the very top teaching staff. No need to travel- study in the comfort of your home and no need to take off from work or school- study whenever you want. No age or background barriers either.


Coinciding with the college and work  winter and summer breaks, Machon Chana offers exciting learning vacations. Winter Yeshivacation slated for late December is a ten day intensive learning program in Crown Heights. Summer Yeshivacation, conveniently timed with school breaks and family vacations, offers a 6 week learning opportunity for every age and every stage. Come and learn in the heat and heart of NYC!