Job Placement

Many Machon Chana attendees seek part-time employment on week-ends and evenings. Our staff endeavors to assist our students in finding employment that is suitable for their skills and talents. We are also involved in helping our students find summer jobs and work after graduation.

Housing Assistance

Machon Chana helps women find apartments and roommates in the Crown Heights neighborhood. For the many non-residents and newcomers, this service is indispensable.


Shabbos in Crown Heights is an important experience. To help ensure that each Shabbos is a positive experience, the madrichot (student counsellors) , upon request, make arrangements for students to join various families in the community as guests for Shabbos meals.


With sensitivity and experience, Machon Chana staff and mashpiim (mentors) help current students and alumnae to find appropriate shidduchim by introducing them to local Shadchanim. The Shadchanim network with Chabad centers throughout the world is active on a regular basis, interviewing men and women (potential shidduchim) from all walks of life. Working together with the Shadchanim, Machon Chana staff assist in introducing, mediating, and generally smoothing the process, and have been very successful in this important work.