Among the thousands of institutions founded under the Rebbe’s guidance there was one that the Rebbe called “home”- the Machon Chana residence hall. Named after Rebbitzen Chana, Machon Chana was chosen as the continuation of her legacy. The student dormitory, located in the heart of Crown Heights is a beautiful stately mansion (chosen by the Rebbe in 1974) to serve as a warm and lighted home away from home for the thousands of women who come to the community to live and learn, and build a spiritual and educational foundation for life. Renovated in 2004, the Dormitory was restored to its original beauty while accommodating the needs of modern dorm life. It has 14 sunlit bedrooms and the ability to accommodate 35 students. Two regal and spacious living rooms,a large dining hall and Succah graciously host Shabbaton, farbrengens and YomTov meals as well as day to day living.

Who is it for?

The Machon Chana dormitory is for full-time students between the ages of eighteen and twenty five.


Under the supervision of a housemother and two madrichot , who provide mentorship, assistance in learning and a feeling of family to the dorm atmosphere, the girls are given the warmth and understanding needed during this challenging stage in life.

Meals & Amenities

Three home-cooked meals daily, and ample bath, shower, and laundry facilities complement the spiritual and social climate. Mealtimes, monthly Shabbatons, and Yom-Tov (holiday) celebrations, in addition to student birthday parties and farbrengens, provide an air of festivity. In-residence counselors (madrichot) offer assistance any hour of the day or night. Students develop friendships with families in the neighborhood and share in their celebrations. Meal plans are available for full and part time students not living in the dorm.

Other Non-School Housing Options: Apartments

Machon Chana has appropriated  apartments in the school building  for students who prefer sharing living accommodations with fellow students. Each of these two and three bedroom apartments have a kitchen the girls can cook in and a shared living room. There are also Shuls and a Lounge in building which are  very convenient especially during the cold winter months. There is also easy access to library and classrooms which are downstairs.

Furnished basement apartments in homes and unfurnished apartments in other apartment buildings range in price from approximately $300 for a shared from to $900 for a private room.