In the Community


The warm Crown Heights community, world Chabad Lubavitch headquarters, conveniently located close to Manhattan, is a perfect ‘learning-lab’ for practical Yiddishkeit and genuine Chassidishkeit. Spirituality is palpable in the Rebbe’s community and a newcomer becomes enveloped in the warmth and enthusiasm of the environment and is able to soak in the spirituality that only Crown Heights has. Keeping kosher and Shabbos is easy. Jewish books are extremely accessible, role models, mentors and teachers par excellence are available. New arrivals to Machon Chana are immediately welcomed into homes, and invited for Shabbos. Many become one of the family.

Through their Yeshiva experience, young women who attend Machon Chana are automatically plugged into the community, gleaning insights and strengths from other baalei-tshuva who have gone through similar experiences. They come in contact with experts in all fields of Chassidic academia, gaining access to people who can give them thorough and thoughtful answers to their questions as well as access to a network of friends and mentors that are necessary to succeed in their new path.