Torah Or with Rabbi Levke Kaplan


Torah Ohr on the parsha: a weekly class on a section of the chassidishe parsha from Torah Ohr. This class focuses on a section that can be applied to our daily Avodas Hashem. The class takes a unique look at how the Alter Rebbe presents the lives of the Avos and Imohos.

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Time: 15 weeks

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Rabbi Levke Kaplan

Rabbi Levi Kaplan is a graduate of Central Lubavitch Yeshiva and has served in a variety of educational positions, including teacher, mentor, special events coordinator and principal since 1990. Rabbi Kaplan currently teaches Chassidus at Yeshiva Darchei Menachem, Beth Rivka Department of Higher Learning and at Machon Chana. He is the Director of Operations at the Jewish learning Institute and director of the Jewish video website Torah cafe. Rabbi Kaplan is also a congregational Rabbi at The Shul, a close-knit young community in the heart of Crown Heights.Rabbi Kaplan is the founder of the Chabad Council of Chazonim, The Jewish Technical Vocational School, and is a member of the Educational Community of the Crown Heights branch of the United Lubavitcher Yeshiva. Rabbi Kaplan is a sought out lecturer and cantor and travels around the world to sing, lecture and educate.


15 weeks, 2 credits

Monday & Tuesday @ 7:30 AM