Marriage Communication

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Why are some people so easy to relate to and others more difficult?
What role does personality play in finding/understanding a potential life partner?
Learn the SECRETS in this powerful workshop with Rabbi Sternberg!

The Role of Personality in Building Strong Relationships

Learn and Explore issues of:
* COMPATIBILITY. Explore your personality traits, and understand what you need in a partner.
* RESOLVING CONFLICT. Learn how personality differences can cause natural conflict, and how to change these dynamics.
* THE FOUR LANGUAGES. Understand how a comment that motivates one person, can insult or deflate another. Learn to correctly understand and be understood by others.

This six-part workshop can improve the way you communicate and enhance all of your relationships.

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Total learning: 5 lessons Time: 6 weeks
  • Fall 2020
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About the Instructor

Rabbi Shlomo Sternberg Rabbi Shlomo Sternberg


Sunday 6:50 PM