Life Cycle (in Hebrew)


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Total learning: 6 lessons Time: 6 weeks
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About the Instructor

Rabbi Zalman Hertzel Rabbi Zalman Hertzel

Rabbi Zalman Hertzel is a Mashpia & Teacher of MEsivta Ohelei Torah, Founder & Director of Yeshiva Gedola NJ, Teaches in Bais Rivkah, Bais Medrash Inashim and Machon Chana. Editor of many books and magazines including: Pninei Geulah, Nissuei Hanesiim, Kahal Gadol Yashuvu Hena, Haketz, Shnat Nissim B'Bait Chayenu, Tefillin Dmorei Alma, The Rebbe's Bar Mitzva. Editor and contributor in the weekly Beis Moshiach, Director of the Monthly Magazines Beohr Ha'Chasidut and Hatamim.

Thursday @ 11:30 AM
6 weeks, 1 credit