Kashrus Challenges Rabbi Yosef Barber/ Rabbi Kalman Weinfeld


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Time: 15 weeks

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Raabi Yosef Yitzchak Barber

Rabbi Barber heads the Smicha Program (Rabbinical Ordination) at Central Lubavitcher Yeshiva's "Chovevei Torah " Campus. He is also lead Halacha instructor at Beth Rivkah Seminary's division of higher learning.

Rabbi Kalman Weinfeld

Rabbi Weinfeld is a former principal of United Lubavitcher Yeshiva - Chovovei Torah in Brooklyn, New York. He is currently the restaurant coordinator for OK Labs. He is also the Director of Congregation Bais Eliezer Yitzchok. Rabbi Weinfeld is an acclaimed educator with many years of experience.


15 weeks, 1 credit

Sunday @ 8 PM