Language Ulpan: Hebrew


This course is designed for students who wish to advance in their Hebrew language skills. Course goals: To familiarize students with speaking, writing , grammar and word comprehension.

Course Content

Time: 15 weeks

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Mrs. Yehuduth Kravitsky

Mrs. Kravitsky was born in Crown Heights and immigrated in Israel when she was 2 years old. She learned in Beis Chana, Chabad teaching seminary under Beis Rivka. After getting married she moved back to Crown Heights and started teaching Chevrusa at Machon Chana. During the years she was involved in different activities such as teaching music and therapy with different age groups; preschool to seniors. In the last couple years she has been involved in ilearn at Machon Chana and is currently teaching Hebrew for beginners.


Sunday @ 2:00 PM ($120)
15 weeks, 1 credit