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Machon Chana Women’s Institute – the best all-girls’ Seminary outside Israel – offers a 2 year Seminary certificate program. This comprehensive Torah & Chassidic program offers two levels of study to accommodate both the novice as well advanced Torah learners. The broad array of studies offered are all permeated with the light and depth of chassidic teachings. Our goal is to infuse our students with enough knowledge, stamina, belief and passion to establish a Torah home based on the foundation of Torah and mitzvot and to withstand the challenges and tests of life, leaving us true to a Torah life and our maker.

The school offers both full and part time programs to accommodate different time schedules. The staff is comprised of a prestigious faculty and scholars from the Chabad community and beyond.

Dormitory facilities and common areas are all newly renovated. They share the campus with classrooms and offices. Small class size offer customized programs for our international student body attributing to personal growth and attention and supportive community.

Evening programs, Shabbatons and field trips will infuse your learning with joy, practice & depth in a vibrant functioning Chassidic community.

After 2 years, you will have a BA/BS degree from Bellevue in addition prestigious Seminary Diploma from Machon Chana, deep grounding to lead a Jewish life, and new friends: a network of support for the rest of your life.

The Dual Degree offers students the opportunity to take online classes, alongside their seminary studies in their preferred major and do all assignments and studying at your own pace afternoons and evenings.

Bellevue – The Yiep offers the following options:

1. Bachelors Degree.
Choose among various Bachelor Degree programs at this respected, accredited university. (Business Administration and Behavioral Science majors have added support through YIEP.) Bellevue accepts up to 67 credits toward your BA or BS from Machon Chana Seminary. You add 60 online credits to complete BS requirements from Bellevue courses. You can complete your undergraduate degree in less than 2 years.

2. Master program options:

a) Bellevue University will accept young women with a First Judaic Degree, an equivalent BA degree in Judaic studies, at Machon Chana into their masters program. This will allow a student to pursue 4 years of only lemudei kodesh at Machon Chana and other accepted seminaries (or three + ) to go directly into a graduate program at the University.

b) Students with an undergraduate degree from Bellevue University with credits accepted from Machon Chana, wishing to pursue an MA/MS as well as those with a BA/BS from other universities will have have the opportunity to take 30 online credits through Bellevue University and 6 credits through Machon Chana or can enroll in a leadership education program (great for shluchos or those preparing for shlichus or teaching degree) and receive 12 credits through the seminary.

Machon Chana and Bellevue has excellent faculty and counselors to help you plan your degree, coordinate transfer credits and apply for financial aid. And the YIEP program offers an extra layer of support to our students.

Contact Machon Chana Seminary.
Rebbitzen Sara Labkowski
cell: 347 200 0632

Contact the Yiep
Rabbi Pesach Lerner, D.Adm
cell: 917 209 8204

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