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Building Healthy Relationships $75.00

Building Healthy Relationships

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A Snapshot of the Nurtured Heart Approach® The Nurtured Heart Approach® (NHA) is more than just a parenting or educator behavior management strategy. It is a philosophy for creating healthy relationships with the people in…

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Hilchos Kashrus

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The laws of Kashrus – The Halachik principles and their application in the contemporary household setting. Student will acquire a thorough understanding of the crucial but often complex intricacies of Hilchos Kashrus.Student will learn to…

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Tanya on Sundays

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This weekly course explores Tanya, the foundational work of Chabad Chassidism, authored by Rabbi Shne’ur Zalman of Liadi, known as the Alter Rebbe. This course explores basic concepts in Chassidism with the emphasis on the…

$150.00 $120.00
Rabbi Naftali Silberberg