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Marriage Communication $120.00
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Marriage Communication

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Why are some people so easy to relate to and others more difficult? What role does personality play in finding/understanding a potential life partner? Learn the SECRETS in this powerful workshop with Rabbi Sternberg! The Role of Personality in Building Strong Relationships Learn and Explore issues of: * COMPATIBILITY. Explore your personality traits, and understand…

Tanya, Igeret Hakodesh $120.00
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Tanya, Igeret Hakodesh

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Experiencing Tanya Tanya is meant to be more than just fascinating information. It’s a private audience with the Baal HaTanya – a life changing experience.

The Rebbe’s Advice $120.00
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The Rebbe’s Advice

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The Rebbes Advice Only in the Rebbe’s letters can we find a clear Torah perspective on every topic in our lives. In this in depth course  the Rebbe’s outlook on many issues is explored.