Bringing Jewish Soul to the Modern Woman at Machon Chana

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In a traditional Jewish home, women are revered for maintaining a framework of proper home life and being rock solid in that role, thereby earning the title of “Woman Of Valor”. Children are best taught through example, which means portraying a certain attitude and atmosphere in home life. Machon Chana is able to help each Jewish woman “attain their goal, fulfill their mission and earn the rewards that come with it,” Director Sara Labkowski tell us.

Machon Chana is a “Women’s institute for the study of Judaism,” no matter your age or cultural background. For over 40 years, the institute has provided a complete picture of what it means to be a Jewish women in today’s world based on the teachings of Chabad-Lubavitch philosophy, and that world is continually evolving. “We offer programs and classes that are designed to help Jewish women (of all levels and backgrounds) cultivate their strengths and talents, actualize their potential, and exemplify the very ideal of Jewish womanhood,” explains Labkowski.

“For locals,” Labkowski continues, “we offer opportunities of combining work and schooling, housing accommodations, as well as individual programing, classes and Shabbos weekend retreats.” Elect to take a short Yeshivacation to enter into the reaches of your Jewish soul with the next one running December 24, 2015 to January 3, 2016. This is a comprehensive, full immersion program for the working woman or college student, held during winter and summer breaks to accommodate busy lives.

There is also the more in-depth and complete international two-year program of Judaic studies, which includes dormitory/housing with classes all day and on evenings and weekends. “We try to provide convenient times for working women and busy mothers,” Labkowski notes.

Topics are many and fuse the spiritual into the every day. Depending on the program, woman can study courses such as Halacha, Chassidus, Tefillah, Tanach, Parenting, Marriage Education and Home Management. Some other class choices are Hebrew, Yiddish, Prayer Jewish History and Jewish Philosophy/Ethics/Law.

Machon Chana offers various services such as job placement, housing assistance and spiritual advisement. Women can choose to live onsite in dormitories during their studies or offsite. ILearning is also offered with classes broadcast live or viewed online at your convenience, so you can be present even if you live far from the institute’s Brooklyn location.

“The [thousands of] women who gained their Jewish knowledge in Machon Chana and introduced the philosophy, psychology and rituals of Judaism into their lives have made their houses into homes, their households into families and their neighbors into communities,” Labkowski states. “The pursuit of happiness may be an American ideal, but the attainment of happiness comes by giving of oneself to others.”