Welcome to the Machon Chana alumnae family! As Machon Chana celebrates its 50th year, we taking steps to boost
the connections between our alumnae.

Are you one of the tens of thousands of alumnae women who studied at one point at Machon Chana? Are you one of the fortunate people the Rebbe called my daughters?

Whether you attended classes on Montgomery St, Eastern Parkway, Crown St., or in the Diamond Center, whether you lived in the dorm at President St or 556 Crown or spent time at Machon Chana’s summer program in the mountains ( Greenfield Park, Monticello, Tannersville, or Monsey)…We are looking for you!!

Save the date Thursday March 22-23

Rosh Chodesh Nissan

Meine Techter

Machon Chana turned 50!

In celebration of this milestone, Machon Chana created an online album of all Rebbetzin Chana’s daughters and their families. Please join us in giving the Rebbe and Rebetzin Chana this beautiful present!

Heads Up … Upcoming projects


Alumnae Newsletter

We are now planning an e-newsletter to share issues of importance to our alumnae, along with alumnae profiles, mazel tovs, and more! If you’d like help with this project, please email


Alumnae Events

Stay tuned for exciting alumnae events in your area and online to celebrate Machon Chana’s 50th anniversary.


Alumnae Directory

We are creating a searchable directory to give you the opportunity to connect with fellow alumnae. You will be able to search by name, class year, and other criteria.

Alumnae Helping Alumnae

Alumnae Helping Alumnae

The Alumnae Directory will include a section of alumnae who are willing to share their expertise and advice in a variety of areas, such as parenting, shidduchim, household management, and many more. Please visit this page to sign up as an Alumnae Mentor.