At Machon Chana, learning Torah is not just about acquiring knowledge. It’s about using that knowledge to maximize each student’s potential as a Jewish woman so she can live the most fulfilling and productive life possible.

Based on that premise, the yeshiva program provides a broad, multi-disciplinary sequence of Jewish studies, including courses in Biblical Studies, Our Jewish Heritage, Hebrew Language, Jewish Law, Jewish Thought and Ethics, Prayer and Chassidic Philosophy. Students will gain skills necessary for further in-depth study, and will develop proficiency in the Hebrew and Yiddish languages. The program also provides the challenge of analytical study and independent research, and will give each woman a practical understanding of how to live each day meaningfully as an observant Jew.

Courses are offered on beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. Students have the option of taking courses for personal growth, or towards the Machon Chana’ Certificate or the Certificate of Advanced Jewish Studies (full-time students only).

Machon Chana will assist part-time and short-term students in planning a suitable schedule to fit their needs and time. No matter what a student’s schedule — whether she can only come mornings, has flex-time at home or work to take one course a semester, if she wants to squeeze in one class before work, if she has one free day or morning a week, or if she has a long weekend vacation — Machon Chana welcomes and encourages every woman to attend classes at Machon Chana. It’s an opportunity no woman should miss to learn, grow and experience Torah and Judaism like never before!