Our purpose is to provide a comprehensive Torah education for women that will permeate their heart, mind and soul and instill in them an appreciation of Judaism and the tools necessary for lifelong personal growth and fulfillment as a Jewish woman in the family and in the destiny of the world.


Early Beginnings…The Rebbe once said that anyone that suspects him of being prejudiced toward Machon Chana is right! In fact it was the Rebbe’s blessing and advice that started Machon Chana close to forty years ago and sustains and helps us grow today.


Founded in 1972 in honor of the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s 70th birthday, Machon Chana was the first and remains the only full-time women’s baalas-tshuva Yeshiva in America.

Our Name

A Legacy. Machon Chana is named after the illustrious mother of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rebbitzen Chana Schneerson obm.


Machon Chana is designed for women of any age and level of knowledge or observance, who desire to immerse themselves in full- or part-time intensive Torah study on a year-round, semester, or short-term basis either onsite or online.

Board, Faculty, Staff

The success of a learning program lies largely with its teachers. Machon Chana prides itself with an excellent staff of men and women who are each masters in their field.

Student Body

Women of a wide range of ages and personal professional backgrounds are drawn to Machon Chana as a result of its outstanding reputation for academic excellence, combined with its warm Chassidic atmosphere.