Yeshivacation is a learning program during winter and summer vacation from work or school  located in Brooklyn, NY. The retreat  includes stimulating seminars, lectures and interactive workshops, and is designed for students with a broad range of pre-existing Jewish education.

Women varied in age, occupations and backgrounds will be given an opportunity to learn Torah with others who share a  thirst for knowledge, spiritual growth, self improvement and authentic Judaism.  They will rediscover what it means to be Jewish on a deeper level and how to build a connection with G-d. Classes include: Chassidic Philosophy, Jewish Law & Life, Jewish Thought & Ethics, Jewish History, Prayer, Women’s Studies, Jewish Home & Tanach. In addition there will be a Chavrusa Program, Skill building courses, uplifting theme based Shabbatons  and cultural tours in the community.

Take a trip to the warm reaches of your Jewish soul while on vacation.

Jewish women from all backgrounds and learning levels come to Machon Chana Women’s Institute’s Yeshivacation programs for an adventure in learning, spiritual growth and  a time of bonding, making lifelong friends, and enjoying the warm and nurturing community of Crown Heights.

Designed to coincide with school, work or family vacation, our 10-day winter and 6-week summer schedule are packed with fascinating classes, insightful  lectures, hands on workshops and inspiring Shabbatons and activities !

Find the source of your spirituality. Be inspired by our knowledgeable and inspiring faculty, inspiring classes and text sources. Carve out a special time for soul knowledge that will build your self-awareness and offer new possibilities for new goals, relationships, priorities and getting closer to G-d.

What better way to spend your vacation: mother/daughter, sisters, or best friends coming to study,

Come for a week. Or three. Or six – as your time and interests allow. You’ll have access to a wide array of classes during your time with Yeshivacation, which will broaden your knowledge, ignite your spiritual fire and feed your soul.


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Never Too Late Yeshiva

Did you want to go to a Yeshiva but have not had the time or resources? Or have your Judaic studies been added over the years – without a solid foundation and structure? This class will engage you in  the system of Judaic studies and you’ll leave with a taste of how satisfying studying with brilliant scholars and one on one chevrusas learning can be. For both beginners and advanced learners.

Jewish Mysticism

The Chassidic movement places great importance that the path to be close to G-d and understand his laws and lessons must include mysticism: a soul-deep door to spirituality. This class will not only provide you with a historical overview of Jewish Mysticism,  kabbalah, Chassidism, Jewish meditation and its relation to prayer, but familiarize you with the basic concepts of Chassidic Thought.

Creative Arts in Judaism

Art & Soul: Join us on a  seven-part journey as we explore Judaism’s insights into the arts and how they beautify and transform our lives, one brushstroke at a time…

Artists  work embodies what we want our lives to be: beautiful, meaningful, purposeful. But art is not only for artists. It’s for anyone who craves to know how to live more creatively, more deeply.

Studio time for individual expressions: drawing, painting, photography, videography poetry, music.

Jewish Feminism & Leadership

Study the unique place women have in G-d’s hierarchy of creation,  the qualities and attributes of our matriarchs, prophetesses, judges and leaders: Sara, Rivka, Rachel and Leah; Tzipporah, Deborah, Naomi and Miriam and more as values in our lives as Jewish women, wives, mothers and as role models for others.

Refreshing Your Skills

Whether you are a beginner or someone with learning and practice over the years, and your skills could use a refresher course, here is what we offer this Summer:

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  • Hebrew – reading texts
  • Hebrew ulpan
  • Textual Chumash
  • Rashi & Commentaries


Mitzvah Workshops

Learn not only the what and how, but the why as well. Discover the spiritual dimension and how each Mitzva connects you to G-d in a different way.

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  • Kashrus – elevate the mundane, beginning from kitchen and food. 
  • Shabbos bringing G-dliness into your home and time
  • Mikvah- family purity 
  • The Jewish Year: Fasts & Feasts
  • The Jewish Life cycle 
  • Learn how to Daven at home and feel comfortable following the prayers in Shul.




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[icon icon=”coffee” size=”large”] Relax

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  • Make time for reflection and renewal in Crown Heights and greater NYC
  • Stroll the neighborhood, linger at a café, enjoy kosher pizza and falafels and juice bars
  • Create a no-cell-phone space in time to just …be here, present, mindfully.
  • Have lunch or dinner with other women from your classes in your free time
  • Or just find a beautiful spot to read and think. 
  • Come to impromptu evening study discussions, or form one of your own!
  • Sign up for a Frum Zumba class taught by a Brazilian expert.
  • Join Shabbos women’s farbrengens sharing insights with your classmates and local neighborhood women and guest speakers.
  • Shabbatons: special inspiring themed weekends with  guest speakers, soulful prayer services,  shared meals and discussion on contemporary issues.


[icon icon=”road” size=”large”] Explore

Field trips to:

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  • An authentic matzah bakery
  • An artisan workshop where sacred parchment scrolls for mezuzah’s are made
  • A Jewish library
  • A mikvah
  • The famous Chabad Headquarters 770
  • The Ohel of the Rebbe
  • Synagogue tour
  • Shop for clothes, wigs, art, and special holiday needs, Judaica


Beautiful Gardens

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Wonderful Museums for Jewish Heritage

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