Women’s Studies

Growing up or becoming Frum, we hoped that we could have it all.

Husband. Family. Nachas

[dropcap]H[/dropcap] ere we are — frum, mature and educated young women with a goal and desire to establish a frum home that will be a binyan adai ad byisrael.  But are we really ready? Looking at the world around us, seeing the staggering number of divorces, dysfunctional homes, and disillusioned youth, we realize that something is sorely missing in the current educational system. Without the ingredients of the alte heim and its warm & inviting aura, the family life we seek to have is elusive.

Machon Chana offers a wholesome education with courses which range from helping us understand ourselves, our talents and our strengths to understanding our mission as future wives and mothers, to our global obligation of helping the world. From offering us mentors and shadchanim to live-and-learn opportunities in the homes and company of great role models, if fulfills the educational goal of every Jewish girl and woman: attaining readiness to build a Jewish home.

For more than 45 years, Machon Chana Women’s Institute has offered Jewish women the opportunity to see the complete Jewish picture.

Marriage Preparation & Enrichment


  1. Marriage preparation classes
  2. Mentoring
  3. Shadchan services

Sholom Bayis

  1. Classes
  2. Mentoring


Schools and universities teach us skills that ready us for the work force. But where does one learn how to establish and run a loving, solid, stable home and raise happy, healthy, productive, frum children? The job of raising our families cannot be left to our schools, for the strongest lessons come from the home.

Balabatishkeit Series

Learning is a continuous life process. These skills are fundamental in making life’s journey, and specifically the awesome roles of homemaker and mother, easier and more pleasant.

  1.  Home Management.
  2.  Self management.
  3. Time & Money Management.