The Full Time Program

The Yeshiva program is a full-time two year program. Upon completion, the student earns a certificate in Jewish Studies, which is equivalent to a seminary degree. The emphasis of the program is to teach skills that facilitate continued independent study, to gain a reservoir of knowledge in Halacha, Judaica and Tanach, and to build a strong foundation in Chassidus.


The Core Program consists of Biblical Studies, Chassidic Philosophy, Jewish Law/Talmud, Ethics/Jewish Thought, Women’s Studies, Jewish Home, and Sichos. The electives include Advanced Biblical Studies, Chavrusa Program, Independent Study, Our Jewish Heritage, Advanced Ethics Courses, Talmud and Summer Courses.


The Part Time Program

Machon Chana will assist part-time and short-term students in planning a suitable schedule to fit their needs and time. No matter what a student’s schedule – whether she can only come mornings, has flex-time at home or work to take one course a semester, if she wants to squeeze in one class before work, if she has one free day or morning a week, or if she has a long weekend vacation- Machon Chana welcomes and encourages every woman to attend classes at Machon Chana. It’s an opportunity no woman should miss to learn, grow and experience Torah and Judaism like never before!


Classes run Monday through Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Mornings focus on Chassidus. Parsha, Sichos, Talmud , Jewish Home and General Knowledge followed by lunch. Halacha & Hashkafa are taught in the afternoon. Sunday classes run from 9:00-1:00 with classes in Tanya, Tfilla/Pirkei Avos, Parsha. Optional chavrusas are available weekday afternoons or evenings. Shabbos afternoon a parsha class takes place that the community is invited to that is followed during spring and summer with  pirkei Avos.


Program and Certification

Students develop individualized programs reflecting advanced placement and transfer credits, where appropriate, in consultation with faculty advisors. The Yeshiva Program has three levels of study: Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced. Placement will be determined by testing of previous knowledge in Judaic Studies. All courses at Machon are instructed in English. Texts of study are in Hebrew.


Fall classes begin in late August/early September and Spring classes at the end of January, with breaks for Jewish holidays and a mid-winter break. Classes end mid June. Though the dormitory is closed during the summer, Machon Chana runs summer programs both at the school and in different locations throughout the tri-state area.[/one_third_last]