Pizza & Parsha 
6:30-7:30 PM
Join this enjoyable hour of studying with a chevrusa study partner. We will find you a learning partner at your speed, so you can review
the parsha, a sicha or anything you wish to study.  And give your body some pleasure with delicious homemade pizza.
Navigating the World of  Shidduchim  
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8:30-9:30 PM
Am I ready? Who am I? What do I need? What are priorities & whats less important? How does the Shidduchim process work? What
are the roles of a shadchan, parents, mashpia? References and what to ask? This course will help you navigate the often frustrating and bumpy road become less complicated and shed light and some guidance in getting you to the Chuppah.


Hebrew Ulpan under the supervision of Morah Rivka Holzman
In this course students will learn how to use the Hebrew language by reading writing listening and speaking, 
Beginners Level I Mrs. Rivka Holzman 7:30-8:30 pm  Learn how to read, script writing, form a sentence, use basic vocabulary and standard forms of speech
Intermediate  Level II  7:30-8:30 pm   Strengthening reading skills,  practicing Keriya rules, writing a paragraph, auditory comprehension and dialogue using growing vocabulary lists
Advanced Level III  8:30-9:30 pm Mrs. Rivka Holzman Reading without vowels; short story analysis including  comprehension, grammar, syntax; comprehension of  an easy Hebrew news  announcements ; essay writing ; conversations with advanced vocabulary words including feelings and thoughts. All this is done in a fun way through stories, games, pictures and online tours .
Lets Learn A Sicha  
Back to Basics with Devori Niazov
7:30-8:30 Advanced : This class reads and interprets the sicha in Yiddish or Hebrew.  
8:30-9:30 Beginners: This class reads and interprets the sicha in English

Living life based on Judaic rhythms means studying the meanings of the weekly Torah portion. There are hundreds of chassidic talks given by the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Most were said in Yiddish some in Hebrew. Sichos analyze  a Torah verse  or an incident discussed in the Parsha, questioning seemingly apparent inconsistencies or contradictions and in trying to resolve them uncover many deeper layers of the text that contain deeper insights, and practical life lessons, that make the Torah a living guide for life.  Back to Basics, the text used for this course, teaches us the many skills needed to completely comprehend the sicha. From understanding the question and answers presented, to be able to follow the  yiddish or  hebrew text,  build language skills and finally comprehend and appreciate deeper dimensions thus derive  lessons in daily life.



Hilchos Shabboshilchos-shabbos
Rabbi YY Barber
7:30 – 8:30 PM

The laws of Shabbos as they apply in daily household activity, with emphasis on the laws pertaining to preparation of food. Student will acquire a thorough understanding of several important topics in Hilchos Shabbos, including Bishul (issues relating to cooking and warming food), Borer (selecting from a mixture), Mukzteh (restrictions on handling various items), and Amira Lenochri (instructing a non-Jew).


Maamarei Admur Hazaken

Rabbi Yanky Raskinalter-rebbe
8:30-9:30 PM
Delve into maamarim from the first Chabad Rebbe, the Alter Rebbe, where we discuss various subjects ranging from everyday life experiences, prayer, the weekly parsha, and other general concepts on Chassidus.