Moshiach with Rabbi Daniel Green


What, why, when and how. Learn about Moshiach directly from the sources. Understand and know what to expect, and gain an appreciation and inspiration for the drastic changes taking place in our world as well as our own personal lives, as we stand on the threshold of the Era of Moshiach.

Course Curriculum

Total learning: 14 lessons Time: 15 weeks
  •   0/14

    • Moshiach – revealing the quintessential soul of every Jew30m
    • The mission of the 7th generation30m
    • Is this generation worthy of being redeemed?1h
    • Signs for Moshiach
    • Teshuva – a prerequisite?
    • Spreading Chasidus to hasten Moshiach’s coming
    • The Great Shofar
    • Moshiach’s Sefer Torah
    • Demading Moshiach – Ad Mosai?!
    • “The time for Geula has arrived”
    • Do everything you can to bring Moshaich
    • Avodas Habirurim and the final Shlichus
    • Prophecy in our times
    • In the merit of the righteous women / Rejoicing to bring the Geula


Rabbi Daniel Green is an educator and writer. He lives in Crown Heights with his wife Shulie and children, teaches private lessons, lectures at various schools and synagogues, and writes Chasidic essays for various Jewish publications. Rabbi Green serves also as a Shiduchim guidance counselor at Machon Chana.