Halachos of upcoming festivals with Rabbi Daniel Green


This is a time sensitive course that focuses on the halachos of the upcoming yomim tovim.

Holidays are fun and exciting, and they are even more exciting when you know how to celebrate them! This course will help you accomplish just that.

Rabbi Green communicates pertinent and practical laws of the festivals, covering both the halachic obligations, as well as the minhagim, which govern their observance.

Course Curriculum

Total learning: 14 lessons Time: 15 weeks
  • Section 1: Month of Adar, and Halachos of Purim  0/4

    • Class 1: The four special parshios of the month of Adar30m
    • Class 2: Celebrating Adar, and how to pray on Purim.1h
    • Class 3: Mitzvos of Purim, and to remember Amalek.
    • Class 4: Taanis Esther, and hearing the Megilla.
  • Section 2: Month of Nissan, and Halachos of Pesach  0/3

    • Class 1: Getting rid of your chametz. Searching for it, disposing of it, or selling it.30m
    • Class 2: Shmura Matzos and the month of Nissan
    • Class 3: The Seder
  • Section 3: Between Pesach and Shavuos  0/7

    • Class 1: Counting the weeks. Laws of Sefiras Ha’omer and Shavuos.
    • Class 2: Restricted activities during the days of Sefira
    • Class 3: Laws of Yom Tov
    • Class 4: Lag Ba’omer, and Shavuos
    • Class 5: Laws of Shavuos
    • Class 6: Laws of Shavuos
    • Class 7: Days of Tashlumin, and the Halachos of Torah Study


Rabbi Daniel Green is an educator and writer. He lives in Crown Heights with his wife Shulie and children, teaches private lessons, lectures at various schools and synagogues, and writes Chasidic essays for various Jewish publications. Rabbi Green serves also as a Shiduchim guidance counselor at Machon Chana.