Halachos of “Bein Adam Lichaveiro” with Rabbi Daniel Green


This course is an intriguing and informative series about the laws regarding one’s conduct and interaction with others. The mitzvos which involve ethics and morality are not just common sense, but they are Divine commandments, and like all mitzvos, there are halachos governing them, instructing the Jew how to observe them. This is a text based course, focusing on Shulchan Aruch, and other earlier works like those of the Rambam, the Ramban, and the Talmud. Besides for learning the “letter of the law”, course also focuses on beyond the letter of the law, spiced intermittently with insights from Chasidic masters like the Baal Shem Tov, his disciples, Chasidus Chabad, and mainly, the Rebbe.

Course Curriculum

Total learning: 14 lessons Time: 15 weeks
  • Section 1: To love, to be kind, and to act kind  The positive mitzvos of Ahavas Yisroel, Gemilus Chasadim, Tzedaka, etc. 0/8

    • Class 1: Introduction to mitzvos of Gemilus Chasadim, and their Scriptual source – to love your fellow Jew.30m
    • Class 2: Caring for another person and acting accordingly vs. emulating G-d.1h
    • Class 3: Categories of Gemilus Chasadim. Providing for needs of guests vs. carrying out obligation of host.1h
    • Class 4: Charity – how, when, why, and to whom?1h
    • Class 5: Laws of giving “maaser” – to tithe or not to tithe?1h
    • Class 6: Various levels in giving charity1h
    • Class 7: Laws of lending and borrowing, and returning a lost item1h
    • Class 8: Honesty and laws of conducting business. Proper conduct with one’s customers, one’s employers, employees1h
  • Section 2: Behavior to avoid - in thought, speech, and action  The negative mitzvos that involve Bein Odom Lichaveiro - knowing what they are and how to avoid them. 0/4

    • Class 9: Harboring resentment, avenging wrongdoing, reproaching one’s peer, and respecting her honor.1h
    • Class 10: Guarding one’s tongue – speaking respectfully. Categories of verbal communication to avoid.1h
    • Class 11: Halachos of physical, emotional, or verbal abuse.1h
    • Class 12: Respecting life. Including laws of euthaniasia, living wills, abortion.1h
  • Section 3: Ethics and society  Respecting the Torah legal system, and respecting authority figures. 0/2

    • Class 13: To adjudicate a dispute, the Torah way.1h
    • Class 14: To respect one’s parents, teachers, and elders.1h


Rabbi Daniel Green is an educator and writer. He lives in Crown Heights with his wife Shulie and children, teaches private lessons, lectures at various schools and synagogues, and writes Chasidic essays for various Jewish publications. Rabbi Green serves also as a Shiduchim guidance counselor at Machon Chana.